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Welcome to your Volunteer/Event Mgmt Software!

Your involvement is important to the success of our school. Your help and support, even if it's just a few hours, goes a long way to making sure JA is a great place for our students and families.

This program will help allow you to indicate your volunteer interests and log your hours. It will also allow us to keep you up to date on Events and Volunteer Opportunities throughout JA Elementary!

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If you already have an account, please "Sign In" using your email address and password in the box to the right hand side of the screen. You can log hours, update your information, check on your total hours volunteered to date, etc.

Need to create a New Account?
Simply click on the Click here link under "New PTO Manager User?" link at the bottom right of this page. Complete the email address and password form to request your account. Next, we ask that you enter your "Volunteer Information" and "Students" in the associated tabs. EACH PERSON who plans to volunteer at JA needs to create their own account!

After you sign in you'll see any important messages we've posted - please check back FREQUENTLY for Important Event Updates and/or Requests for Volunteers.

A school is more than books and desks
And learning two plus two
It's people who share their skills and care,
And try their best in all they do.
Please accept our heartfelt appreciation.
Our school's a better place
Because of your dedication.
(Author Unknown)